Need A Physical? Look No Further.

At ExpressCare, we specialize in administering physicals. We're thorough; we're efficient; and we're equipped to offer a large variety of exams. Following are just some of the physicals we frequently perform.

Annual physicals
An annual physical is vital for early detection of medical conditions that can develop without symptoms. These include diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and prostate cancer.

Executive and pre-employment physicals
For professionals whose contracts are contingent upon passing an exhaustive medical exam, we offer comprehensive physicals, including extensive lab analysis, EKG and treadmill-stress tests. We provide complete reports, along with advice on interpreting the results. We also offer a variety of other pre-employment physicals and drug screenings.

FAA physicals
We test both pilots and air traffic controllers. These exams are administered by ExpressCare Medical Director Samir Shahin, M.D., a pilot and airplane owner who makes every effort to keep pilots flying.

School physicals
Whether the player is a sophomore in high school trying out for football or a previously injured college basketball forward, we can determine if he or she is fit to compete.

DMV physicals
We perform the Department of Transportation medical exams required to determine whether truck drivers and shuttle-bus drivers can safely operate their vehicles.

SCUBA physicals
We are among the very few medical clinics equipped to evaluate the fitness of divers.

Ergonomic physicals
For individuals assigned to physically demanding jobs, we can determine whether they are safely able to perform the required tasks.

Immigration physicals
We are qualified to administer the exams required by the Canadian and Australian governments prior to immigration.

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