Family Practice

Why ExpressCare Is Right for Your Family


When it comes to your health and the health of your family, nothing is more important than selecting the right medical clinic—a friendly, professional place with a compassionate, experienced and highly skilled staff.

ExpressCare Medical Clinic is that place.

We offer top-notch care and a comfortable environment. You will not encounter stark waiting rooms or lengthy delays at our office. In fact, rarely do our patients wait more than 10 minutes to see a doctor.

ExpressCare is equipped to handle a wide range of medical issues, from diabetes to thyroid deficiency to high blood pressure and gout. If you have a throat infection or your teenager has acne, we can take care of that, too. We offer comprehensive services right in our office, so you don’t have to travel from place to place to get X-rays, undergo physical therapy, receive medication or get your blood tested. Lab results come to us the next day, and we pass along the information to our patients right away.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of choosing ExpressCare is the accessibility and responsive nature of our doctors. “Once someone is my patient, they know they can contact me by phone or e-mail,” says Samir Shahin, M.D., the clinic’s medical director. “I will take their call or call them back promptly, and I will take an active role in their health-care decisions.”

If your condition requires additional care from a specialist—whether it’s a cardiologist, a rheumatologist or a general surgeon—we will gladly refer you to top physicians in the Los Angeles area. This saves you the hassle and uncertainty of searching via the phone book or Internet.

At ExpressCare, the conveniences are many: We are on countless insurance plans; we can usually see you on the same day you call; and we have plenty of free parking. In addition, our good-natured staff is multilingual.

Call and let us know how we can help!