Q: What days do you schedule appointments?
A: Monday- Friday, we do offer same day appointments and will accommodate you to the best of our ability.

Q: What is your turn around time for results?
A: Our turn around is 3-5 business days.

Q: How do I get my results?
A: We submit your results directly via the E-medical system, you receive a courtesy copy for your records by email. You do not have to submit your own results, we submit them directly.

Q: How long is the exam?
A: Approximately 1 hr-1.5 hr

Q: Do you perform Upfront medical exams for Canada?
A: Yes

Q: What is included in my exam?
A: For Canada: Medical history review, physical examination, chest X-ray and blood tests

A: For Australia: It is based on what is requested on your referral letter.

A: For New Zealand:  Medical history review, physical examination, chest X-ray and blood tests

A: For U.S: Medical history review, physical examination, chest X-ray and quantiferon blood test

Q: Do you perform all the elements of my exam in one day?
A:  We perform everything required on the same day.

Q: Can I eat before my exam?
A: Fasting is not required for the tests requested, please eat and make sure you drink water.

Q: Is there parking?
A: We have free 2 hr parking in the back of the building, you will also see an entrance in the back.

(This one may be out of question since we don’t want to speak about pricing on the website)

Q: Does my insurance cover my immigration exam
A: No, Immigration medical exams are not covered by health insurance but we did our best  to get you the most reduced out of pocket fee we could.