Workers' Comp

Our Personalized Approach

workers-compExpressCare takes a comprehensive and highly personalized approach to occupational medicine. We understand your concerns and can help reduce your company’s costs, insurance premiums, liability and lost work time. We will make life easier for your company’s managers. Your valued employees also will appreciate our care and will thank you for sending them to us.

We offer immediate, 24-hour emergency treatment for on-the-job injuries, including immediate access to our physicians, physical therapist and Workers’ Compensation administrator. Our medical director, Dr. Samir Shahin, serves as case manager. “I assess each employee’s attitude about work and their injury and determine what it’s really going to take to get them on track,” says Dr. Shahin, who is Board Certified in Occupational Medicine. Dr. Shahin has lectured extensively on how companies can most effectively motivate their employees to return to work. Click here to read his tips.

ExpressCare offers prompt communication with your company. After the doctor has seen a new patient, the nurse will call the employer before the patient leaves the clinic. At each subsequent visit, the employee is provided with a written report detailing work status, diagnosis and treatment. The employee receives an additional copy, in a sealed envelope, for the supervisor. At the company’s request, a copy is also mailed or faxed to the employer.

Changing clinics is much easier than you think! We will help you make a smooth transition. Click here for references from satisfied companies that have switched to ExpressCare. If you would like to visit our facility or set up a meeting to discuss your company’s needs, please call us at (310) 641-8111. We are committed to helping you and your employees!

Our Workers’ Compensation Services

At ExpressCare, our expertise extends to every aspect of occupational medicine.

The ExpressCare staff includes physicians who are board-certified in occupational medicine and orthopedics. We provide an exemplary injury management plan that inspires rapid recovery time and lowers treatment costs.

We offer X-ray, EKG, audiometry, vision, pulmonary function (spirometry), tympanometry and back evaluations. Full laboratory testing is performed at a certified and respected national facility under strict compliance.

Drug and Alcohol Screening
Drug-testing programs can be designed and/or administered in full compliance of all state and national regulations. We offer full testing services, including breath-alcohol testing, at competitive rates. Our lab, UNILAB, is one of the few laboratories that can reliably detect, confirm and quantitate drugs of abuse in blood specimens. All quality-control records, test data and reports are maintained for a minimum of two years. All positive specimens are locked into a secure, long-term frozen storage area for one year—longer, if requested.

Physical Therapy
Immediate appointments are scheduled with our physical therapist for evaluation and treatment. We offer job-site analysis, classes in proper lifting technique and physical-capacity testing.

We offer assistance in claims review, Workers’ Compensation programs, safety and prevention, injury management, instructional classes and first-aid training.

Important Facts about Workers’ Compensation
Avoiding lawsuits is one of the keys to saving your company Workers’ Compensation costs. When employees feel that the clinic cares about them and is doing their best to help, they don’t feel compelled to obtain representation. At ExpressCare, we give every injured worker an anonymous survey to evaluate his or her experience and the doctor, and over 95 percent of ratings are “very good” or better.

Here are some additional facts that employers need to know about Corkers’ Comp:

  • Injured employees often seek legal representation when they feel that their company does not care about them.
  • Injured employees often seek legal representation when they feel that the doctor treating them is “the company doctor” and does not care about them.
  • Injured employees are susceptible to false rumors of “big payoffs” originated by other employees who have legal representation.
  • When employees obtain legal representation for work-related injuries, treatment often takes four times longer before they are released to full duty.
  • Although the cost increases 10 times when an employee obtains legal representation, almost none of it is passed on to the employee.
  • Employees believe that a severed finger is “worth over a million dollars” in a Workers’ Compensation settlement. In reality, they get about $1,200.
  • Safety-awareness programs for employees help reduce loss rates.
  • Companies that provide incentives for low-injury rates may reduce their loss rates.
  • Companies that require a final medical discharge for an injured employee lower their loss reserves.

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